Thanks to OSINT & Ai

So if you are that fast & furious fan who wanted to try something likes God’s eye ,this OSINT tool is for you. This works like cream for the facial recognition and goes by the name of PimEyes. I have used google reverse image search ,Bing and few more but this tools is really fast.

Monitoring is free but to access full service, a subscription is required

Use it wisely ; ) I don’t want you to end up seeing some really nasty images

Create JavaScript build system in Sublime Text

Every built system is described on a JSON file with .sublime-build an extension. To create a new one go to Tools > Build System > New Build System… If you are mac user, copy and paste this code:

"cmd": ["/usr/local/bin/node", "$file"],
"selector": "source.js"

Windows users

"cmd": ["C:/Program Files/nodejs/node.exe", "$file"],
"selector": "source.js"

Save it with a proper name like Js_sublime_console etc .

Create a JS file and save it, click Cmd + B (mac) or fun + F7 (Windows). You can also run this task manually from Tools > Build. Sublime Text should automatically run your script through the appropriate build system. If it doesn’t work || go to Tools > Build System and make sure that Automatically selected if it still doesn’t work find and choose the Build system you just created.

Hello World,

I came upon a collection of wicked entities that try to make quick money by playing around and defaming innocent people. This fraud has recently become popular in India, but there is no effective defence against it.

This is time they found the wrong animal for their cage…

Check this internship guys

Bookmarks can turn out to be a great source, it often helps to narrow down the hunt.

A simple way to crawl using python is here.

import chrome_bookmarks

for url in chrome_bookmarks.urls:

Darshan Shelat

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